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Rotational Defense for Volleyball

Rotational defense, or man back defense, is probably the most common defense played in women's volleyball. The goal is to cover a mix of tips and swings. Attacking Rotational. The following volleyball graphics show how a team can attack this defensive system.

Volleyball: Using the Right Base Defense With a Rotational ...

The rotational defense is one of the most popular defenses in volleyball. It is designed to take away short off-speed shots, while also having three players deep for power shots. The illustration below (Illustration 1) demonstrates positioning against the three most common attacks (outside, middle, right side).

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Volleyball Defense 101: Rotation And Perimeter Defense

The Rotation Defense in volleyball is geared to pick up tips. Beginning with the volleyball being set to the outside, Coach goes over the movement and court responsibility of each position. It's essential that players know their area of responsibility. Coach also discusses how this volleyball defensive strategy can be adjusted based on the skill level of your players.

Volleyball defense systems and strategies

3. Rotation Defense. A defensive system where there is a predefined rotation (movement) of players during the read position based on set direction. Other names for rotational defense include strong rotation, counter rotation, etc. 4. Combining Defensive Systems. Some defensive systems use one or two elements of the above three systems.

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Formation: A rotation defense relies on the back row player covering the deep line shot. The right back shifts up behind the block to cover the short tip. This type of defense is beneficial for easy transitioning into offense, because the setter is largely freed up from digging the attack (unless it's a tip). The success of this defense is largely dependent on the middle digger and her ability to cover the deep line attack.

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The rotational defensive formation is probably the most commonly used defensive strategy among young and/or inexperienced volleyball teams. It allows the defense to better cover tips behind the block and dig deep line hits, as well as help the setter transition quickly from defense to offense. VOLLEYBALL DEFENSE DIAGRAMS & EXPLANATIONS. Diagram I-1 VOLLEYBALL: THE ROTATION A team’s success in volleyball is directly linked to each player’s ability to understand his or her position on the ...

High School Volleyball Systems: Rotational Defense with Nancy ...

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Players need to serve in the rotational order that they started in for the whole game, even as they rotate with each sideout. If players get the serving order mixed up, the referee will call a rotational violation, which means the team loses a point, and the other team gets the serve. There’s also a positional out of rotation violation. This one’s a little more complicated – but stay with me, it’ll make sense, I promise.