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There are a number knots used in stringing a racquet: Double half hitch knot Starting knot Pro Knot, also called the Richard Parnell Knot Comprehensive list of stringing knots

The Best Tie Off Knots For Tennis Racquet Stringing

The double half hitch knot is the most common tie off knot and is the simplest knot to learn. It is the knot you'll find in any guide to racquet stringing and is a great starting point for when you first start learning to string a racquet. In some racquets, you might be able to get away with a single half hitch knot, but that will require ...

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I have described the most common knots used when stringing a tennis racket. There are four common tie of knots Wilson Pro knot, Parnell knot, two half hitch...

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Racquets are strung either with two separate strings (and thus four knots), or with a single string (resulting in only two knots). Sometimes, a hybrid of two different string types may be used in the same racquet. Traditionally, a double half hitch has been used to tie off tennis string, along with a starting knot.

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Tie the same knot that was used to finish the mains… bring the end of the string around one side of the main and up the other side of it forming a loop. Hand pull to tighten. Repeat the process to create a double knot for that end of the crosses.

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How to Tie Tennis Knotshttps://www.facebook.com/tennisbyspizehttps://www.tumblr.com/blog/tennisbyspizeSubscribe to learn all the tips you need to start strin...

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Home » TI magazine » Stringing » Racquet Tech: Stringing 101 — Knots. Racquet Tech: Stringing 101 — Knots. For new stringers, tying knots can be intimidating. But a good knot is vital to a good job, since it holds everything in place. By Bob Patterson. When I run workshops for new stringers, nothing seems to cause more trepidation than tying off.

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When you string a tennis racket you have 2 options as far as strings are concerned; 1 piece or 2 piece. 1 piece requires approximately 40 ft of string and 2 knots. 2 piece requires 2 pieces of string (approximately 20 ft for each piece) and 4 knots.