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Racquet stiffness is a measurement of how much a racquet bends when it makes contact with the tennis ball. The more the ball distorts the frame, the more flex a racquet has, therefore, the lower the stiffness rating.

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Tennis racquet stiffness is a numeric value assigned to each racquet that measures how much a frame flexes during contact with a ball. As a beginner, this measurement may seem arbitrary, but it can be a useful measurement that helps guide a player’s decision-making process during their search for a tennis racquet.

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Tennis racquet stiffness is the extent to which a racquet bends when a tennis ball hits the racquet. A ball distorts more the frame of the flexible racquet than a stiffer one. This means a stiffer racquet is distorted less at impact. Meanwhile, do bear in mind that this distortion is not visible.

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What does stiffness mean in a tennis racket? We touched on it above, but stiffness is defined by how much the frame bends when it makes contact with the ball. “Stiff” rackets are less distorted at impact than “flexible frames, assuming that all of the other specs are the same.

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Various companies like Wilson have their own specs for determining tennis racquet stiffness. Their Stiffness Index (SI) is a stiffness rating only used for their tennis rackets like the arm friendly Wilson Clash. The most widely used stiffness ratings are generated off the Babolat RDC (Racquet Diagnostic Center).

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What Is Meant by Stiffness in a Tennis Racquet? How much a racquet bends after making contact with a tennis ball is called tennis racquet stiffness. When the racquet is more flexible, the stiffness rating will be low. It is denoted by RA and quoted as a number. Racket stiffness is usually between 50 and 80.

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Tennis racket stiffness, also called tennis racket flexibility, is a measurement of how much bend the racket will give into when it comes in contact with a tennis ball in motion. It is one of the important criteria listed with the racket, along with the head size, weight, beam and length . The racket’s stiffness is an essential specification for.

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I then changed to a Prince Premier 105 ESP which has a stiffness of 65. This is a high string tension racquet (55 lbs to 65 lbs range). I strung it with Bi Phase X One at 60 lbs. The racquet had plenty of power and spin but the strings broke after 2 months. This can be expensive if you don’t do your own stringing.