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Tennis (sport) | Wii Sports Wiki | Fandom

Tennis is the only sport in Wii Sports in which you do not face random opponents after defeating the champion. It is also the only sport where you can't go against some opponents ( Chris, Ren, and Abby) unless you lose the first match against Miyu and Matt. In this CPU-only single match, Alex beats champion Sarah.

Wii Sports: Tennis - 2000+ skill level playing Pro's - YouTube

Wii Sports: Tennis - 2000 Skill Level.The following is a video of Me playing Tennis in Wii Sports. The clip is me playing the 2 Pro's after level 2000. GPT T...

Wii Sports Tennis-Pro run in 12:55 [Former World Record ...

You can find my twitch account at https://www.twitch.tv/rmb0257Thank you all very much for the 100K views. I have now beaten this time by over 2 minutes.Feel...

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Tennis skill pro level gameplay in Wii Sports Dolphin Emulator Wiimote + Motion Adapter + Bluetooth AdapterSensor Bar DIYThe official Dolphin website is http...

Professional Wii Sports Tennis Players - YouTube

Craziest tennis rally John and I have ever had.

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Video Games: Wii Sports Tennis - Tips and hints

First off, the best way to get better at the Wii sports tennis game is to practice. Using the Wii Tennis Training you can work on timing your swing, returning balls, and targeting the ball. Just like any game, practicing your Wii Tennis makes perfect. Next is to get a great serve. To hit a really hard tennis serve (and you'll know it when you hit it), you must hit the ball at its peak. This takes practice, but it's worth it.

Reward for Becoming Pro? - Wii Sports - GameSpot

Theres definately one for tennis, I have it, firstly you have to get pro then soon enough you'll be playing against over sized tennis rackets and balls, also you get a big multi-coloured star as a ball that you can throw about to each other. What fun :) Lots and lots and lots of fun and more fun and more and more and more and more! AND MORE ...

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A CPU Mii at Pro Class in Wii Sports. In Wii Sports, Pro Class is any skill level above 1000. Wii Sports Resort. The "Advanced to Pro class" screen in Wii Sports Resort. In Wii Sports Resort, Pro Class is any skill level from 1000-1999, before Superstar Class. The announcer says, "Pro Class!" Pro CPU in all sports Tennis Wii Sports