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Basketball Shooting Drill Video - Quick Shot

Basketball Shooting Drill Video - Quick Shot. This is 1 of the 12 shooting drills that we gave to anybody who purchased our Breakthrough Basketball Shooting Guide as an unadvertised bonus. Don Kelbick was kind enough to supply us with these videos. This drill is great for developing a quick shooting release.

Basketball Shooting Drills for QUICK Release | Master the ...

These are the BEST basketball shooting drills for quick release. You must master this concept to become a better shooter and basketball player. Learn how to ...

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Quick Draw Basketball Ballhandling Drill

How it Works Start holding the ball, with your left hand in front and your right arm behind your leg. Release the ball and switch hand positions, catching the ball before it hits the ground. Continue for 30 seconds, going as quickly back and forth as possible.

16 Basketball Shooting Drills (Quick Jumpshot Improvement ...

Performing this drill: This drill can be run from any spot on the floor in which you want your players to work on contested jumpers. You start with a line under the basket with the basketballs, and a line where you want your players to shoot from. The players under the basket pass the ball to the player in line & then close out.

Basketball Defensive Drills - Quick Close-out - Championship ...

Basketball Defensive Drills - Quick Close-out Description: This drill focuses on the defensive player performing a proper close-out of a shooter. Upon release of the shot a proper box-out must be performed along with a rebound, proper pivot, and strong outlet pass to the shooter who is roaming along the free-throw line. Instructions:

Basketball Shooting Drills - Quick Pivot Jumpers ...

Basketball Shooting Drills - Quick Pivot Jumpers Description: Drill works on strong pivoting, squaring up to basket and a quick release, along with pump fakes and shots off the dribble. Instructions: Have player face coach who is standing 10 feet from top of key with a ball. 1) Player stands at foul line.

Point Guard Drills: Quick Shots - YouTube

Coach Tim Springer demonstrates a great point guard drill that involves multiple stationary changes of direction into a quick release, one dribble jump shot....

Basketball Shooting Drill - The "Quick Six" Drill

This is a great basketball shooting drill that can be used for warmups before your practice or games. “ It’s called the “Quick Six” drill, and this basketball shooting drill allows athletes to concentrate on making the shots. “ In it, the athlete simply works on his throwing and making six shots – 2 layups, 2 face up moves and 2 jump hooks. It’s the athletes choice whether they want to go right hand or left hand, right foot or left foot.

Ball Handling Drills: Quick Split with Jordan Lawley

Quick Split. Players will start in a neutral position: feet extended outside of their shoulders and body weight in 50/50 stance. As players go into a between the leg dribble they will quickly split their leg position. Players will alternate lead legs and do this for a full minute.

Quick hitters - Coach Eric's Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

10 quick-hitting actions (audibles) with multiple reads, players have freedom to drive and make plays with the spacing they need. One-word commands are simple and strong. 1) Wide 2) Corner 3) Exchange 4) Shallow 5) Release 6) Flash 7) Through 8) Circle 9) Down 10) Up